Simple Yoga for Healthy Heart And Peaceful Life

Yoga is a study of your body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, and ego. The practice of yoga has evolved over time, with various teachers and traditions developing their own approaches and techniques. However, the core techniques of yoga have remained largely unchanged, and the goal of yoga has always been to build physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the practice of postures, breath control, and meditation. In the modern world, yoga has become a popular form of exercise and stress relief, with millions of people around the world practicing yoga for its physical and mental health benefits.

Yoga is effective in dealing with stress and pressure. This can heal a heart patient. By boosting blood flow and circulation, yoga helps the heart. A lower risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart disease can result from yoga practice’s ability to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels, and heart rate. The benefits include:

Lower cholesterol levels.

Improved heart rate

Improved blood circulation.

Lower blood pressure.

Boost lung capacity.

1. Vajrasana

Kneel down and place your pelvis on your heels. Place your palms on your knees facing upward. and place your pelvis on your heels. Place your palms on your knees facing upward.

2. Malasana

Squat down and join your palms in front of your chest. Use your elbows to push thighs out as much as possible.

3. Santolanasana

Lie on your stomach. Place your palms under your and lift your upper body, pelvis and knees up.

4. Adomukhi Svanasana

Come to a tabletop position by starting on all fours. Ensure that your knees are in line with your hips and that your hands are directly beneath your shoulders. Straighten your back at all times. Now, inhale deeply and straighten your legs while lifting your hips. Your feet should be flat on the ground, and your body should be in the shape of an inverted V. Try to touch the inside of your arm with your ears. Hold this posture while inhaling deeply a few times. Return to the tabletop position, then unwind.

5. Bhujangasana

Relax and lie down flat on your stomach. Place your palms under the shoulders. Inhale completely and then hold your breath. Slowly lift up your head, chest and shoulders. Keep your navel in downward position.

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