is Miley Cyrus‘s ’Flowers’ a great depiction of self-love ?

The new song by Cyrus might wind up being not just her biggest chart hit since 2013, but also the biggest smash of her whole career. is Miley Cyrus‘ ’Flowers’ a great depiction of self-love ?

Cyrus emphasizes the value of self-love and getting over a terrible breakup in this song. Songs like “Flowers,” which feature the words “I can grasp my own hand” and “I can love myself better than you can,” emphasize the strength and independence that come from realizing that you don’t need a partner to feel whole.

Self-love entails accepting yourself for who you are right now, in this very instant. It entails putting your physical, emotional, and mental health first and accepting your emotions for what they are. Every individual have a different way to care for himself, self-love can be different to different people. Understanding what self-love means to you personally is essential for maintaining your mental health.

Even after knowing all of this, loving oneself is still difficult. It needs action to love ourselves more fully; we can’t do it by thinking about it. You can only change the things you can change, which includes your reactions. Realize that you have no control over other people’s decisions or actions, just like you have no control over the weather. Don’t try to control everything in life; instead, concentrate on how you react to it.

In Flowers, Miley puts the past behind her. Despite how badly she wanted the relationship to succeed, she admits its flaws and frees herself. Because you are ultimately the most trustworthy person to support you.

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